About Us

Not all CrossFit boxes were created equal. Since 2012, MAYDAY has been grounded on steadfast principles, holds functionality as a priority in fitness, and we believe our elite level of performance is largely defined by the caliber of our coaches, training environment, and dedicated athletes. At MAYDAY, we set the bar high by combining unrivaled programing with dynamic conditioning so our athletes achieve their peak potential.

Our coaching staff is absolutely incredible. Beyond their fantastic credentials, our coaches genuinely care about each athlete we train. We are all continually educating ourselves on the latest and greatest methods in the world of strength and conditioning, giving us the ability to help our athletes reach their goals and stay healthy.

But, the experience at CF Mayday doesn’t stop there. We love what we do and helping others is our #1 goal. We offer 1 on 1 goal sessions and reviews, nutritional coaching and challenges, competitor programming, and much more. You will be hard pressed to find a gym that works as hard as we do for our athletes.


MAYDAY is the international sign of distress. It is used to signal life-threatening emergencies and announce that HELP is needed. Welcome to the next chapter of functional fitness. MAYDAY is here to answer your distress call and get you back on the runway to elite physical performance, a strong mind, and an over all healthier lifestyle. With that same logic and proactive thinking, our vision for CrossFit MAYDAY is to enable clients to spread their own wings and fly! Individuals of every walk of life come through our doors each welcomed and greeted with open arms and a smile. From cooperate CEO’s, to first responders, to full time students, police officers, to nurses, from preachers to teachers and yes, even those full time moms-and everyone in between, MAYDAY welcomes YOU.

MAYDAY offers a complete beginners program called “Foundations” to anyone new to CrossFit. Think of it like personal training with a kick. It was created with safety and efficiency in mind, while prepping the athlete to unlock hidden potential. From teaching a basic squat to the classic over-head squat this course promotes confidence and instills accomplishment in the athlete before joining the group classes.

Our number one focus is you.. We will help you set goals, track progress, and celebrate successes! Our gym is ego free and focused on providing you with a safe and positive environment where you can test your limits and push them farther than you thought possible!