“Coaching is a process that enables learning and development to occur, and thus performance to improve.  To be a successful coach requires a knowledge and understanding of process and progression, as well as the variety of styles, skills, and techniques, that are appropriate to the specific athlete and environment that the coaching is taking place…”

The coaching Staff of Crossfit Mayday eat, sleep, breath, and live. It’s our passion, it’s our lifestyle and we love taking others on the journey with us. Crossfit Mayday coaches put themselves second to every other athlete in the “Box” as we create an environment, where we help YOU achieve YOUR goals. We are serious, we are no nonsense, we push hard, we don’t take breaks…but we are fun, we are encouraging, and we are committed!

  • Steve Trent Owner/Trainer

    Steve Trent is the owner and head trainer at CrossFit Mayday. He began personal training in 2005 and his love for fitness expanded from there. After years of experience and formal instruction under his belt, in 2012 Steve was a Physical Training Leader while serving our country in the U.S. Air Force. He holds a number of certifications including: Crossfit Level-2, CrossFit-Mobility, he is a USAW sports performance coach, and has his CPR-AED.

    Steve passionately believes in the life-changing benefits of functional fitness. His goal as a coach is to inspire individuals to make long-term lifestyle changes. With his diverse background he has found that CrossFit’s scalable intensity and commitment to functional movement makes it the perfect program for athletes of all ages and abilities. Through his mobility training and coordinating along side a Physical Therapist, Mayday fosters a positive and safe training environment to help clients overcome self-doubt and any perceived limitations so they can achieve their full potential.

    Steve enjoys traveling and seeking new adventures. From climbing ropes, to perfecting a weighted muscle up Steve is equipped with knowledge of how to get you there and get it done pain free. He believes, “CrossFit has helped me to be and stay in the best shape of my life- let me help you achieve the same”.

  • Stacey Campos Trainer

    Stacey is very passionate about health and fitness whether it is in her personal training to compete for an event or coaching a new MAYDAY member how to power clean correctly- she embraces being around all the levels.

    Stacey earned her B.S. in Corporate/Community Health and Wellness Management and holds a minor in Business Management. She joined the MAYDAY Community as an athlete in 2015. Stacey is a USAW Sports Performance Coach and is certified in First Aid/CPR.

    Stacey’s hobbies included anything health/fitness related and spending time with her husband, Nick, and their 3 dogs. She likes to push her own limits as well as her clients with Olympic lifts and packs on endurance just for fun. Stacey “loves the community CrossFit builds and coaching people with the same passion she has for fitness”.

  • Bill Nelson Trainer

    Bill Nelson is a life long athlete and fitness enthusiast. He played soccer and lacrosse while attending New Hampshire College. With a bachelors degree in hand Bill went on to be a successful entrepreneur, Chef, restaurant owner and CrossFit trainer. Bill has a vigorous background in endurance training and competed in triathlons for 7 years with a culmination of an IRONMAN finisher in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Going in a straight line bored him so next came mountain biking where he held numerous podium finishes. Then came the Tough Mudder’s with championship rank, all the GoRuck challenges he completed, and we must not forget the Sealfit Kokoro Camp where he received the highest award of “Honor Man”.

    Bill has traveled the world, but thrives in the foothills of Chattanooga, Tennessee. He and best asset, his wife, Tiffani, not only share a love for CrossFit, but also share 8 kids between with 5 still keeping them on their toes at home. When Bill isn’t chasing his 3 year old around the yard, you can find him at the box, and why… simply because, “I just love it”. Bill has coached for 6 years and is CrossFit Level-1 certified. He joined the MAYDAY team in the spring of 2015 and holds numerous specialty certifications including: CrossFit Kettle Bell Instructor, USAW Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit Kids Instructor, and CrossFit Rowing Instructor. With his unwavering commitment to his athletes, Bill expects 110% from the time they step through MAYDAY’s doors. He believes an athletes potential consists not in doing the extraordinary things, but in doing the ordinary things, extraordinarily well.

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