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Getting Started for CrossFit

Initial Consult

The consult is our chance to get to know you and what your current fitness level is.  We will ask you some basic health questions, perform a movement assessment to ensure there are no major issues that need to be addressed right away, and then conduct a Fitness Test.  After which, we will go over with you our findings and discuss your options to starting our program.

Options to starting Crossfit below:

Fundamentals 1 on 1

This is a series of private training appointments that are encouraged to be completed before joining the regular classes.  It gets folks up to speed and ready for the group atmosphere.  Pricing is $35 per 1 hour session or $175 for the first 5 sessions. Every athlete is different and will be assessed to determine how many fundamental courses will be needed. The 5 sessions are typically the amount needed for a unfamiliar athlete to be successful in our classes but may need more depending on their fitness level.

Group Classes:
Our group classes are geared towards two levels of athletes. Someone who is new to CrossFit or someone with CrossFit experience or athletic background.  Our Level 1 programming is designed to introduce our novice athletes to new exercises in a slow and steady progression.  In our small group setting, we provide your daily programming (warm-up, mobility, workout, skill-work) with full coaching instruction. You will learn the basics of power lifting, Olympic weightlifting, basic gymnastics and body weight movements, proper running mechanics and much more. As you progress in the programming you’ll be able to push yourself into our Level II based programming and achieve new fitness goals.

First month attendance: $165

Membership Options:

Unlimited Attendance

$135 – 1 Year contract

$150 – 4 Month contract

$165 – Month to Month (No Contract)

Student/Teacher/First Responder/Military Discount –    10% off regular price.

Family Membership – $75 additional to any membership.

If you have 1 year or more of CrossFit experience within the past 3 months, please let us know as we will schedule a Consult and look into getting you started right away. This will need to be confirmed from a Coach at your prior gym.

Dropping In?

Dropping In?

Daily? $20 cash or purchase a T-shirt for $25

Weekly? $50 /week


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