Becca Clements Athlete Spotlight

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Becca Clements 

“Joining Mayday was a major turning point for me last year. I started at a time when I needed to make some serious changes in my life for the sake of my health and happiness, and I succeeded when I found the Mayday family. Since joining last April my health, fitness, and happiness have increased tenfold. I not only love seeing the improvements in my fitness and endurance, but the friends and community I had found have been an amazing source of encouragement. Tyler and Steve have helped me improve my form and nutrition (being very patient whenever I came to them with a random question) and worked with me to help the pain I felt in my knees. Before joining the gym I could barely string three single-unders together, now I can do over 100 at a time and am working on my double-unders. I can now, also, row several thousand meters and a few weeks ago I got my first rope climb. I am so excited about the improvements I have made and I cannot wait to see how I will continue to improve over this next year. “

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