You guys charge a lot per month! What do I get for all that extra money?

You receive the individual attention of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost. You receive individualized instruction, in a small, supportive group setting, and plenty of encouragement. You receive specific training in a full range of physical movements, from situps and pushups, to Olympic lifts and running style. You receive high expectations of attendance, giving it your all, and maintaining a positive attitude. We do not tolerate egos at this gym, and we celebrate every first, from full-body pushups, to running 400 meters, to your first pull up.

I’m an athlete and my sport requires strength in specific areas. How do you program for that?

Often times, it is an athlete’s focus on specific areas that serves as a detriment to general physical conditioning, and reduces overall athletic potential. CrossFit focuses on functional movements which, by definition, require muscles to be worked across multiple joints. CrossFit training complements your body’s design to produce results not achievable with typical training regimens.

What if I’m older/injured/weak/sick/stiff/in pain/etc?

Before starting with any program, we will assess your fitness level to help scale the workout. Before training in intense programs it is best to focus on range of motion and form first. If you are under care by a doctor due to illness, pain, or injury, we ask you provide their recommendation before starting our sessions. Often, lack of flexibility and a pro-inflammatory diet can exacerbate recurring or chronic pain. We aim to address both health issues and help you work back to a healthier lifestyle.

What if I can’t do pull-ups/pushups/dips/squats/run/situps?

Each and every one of our exercises is 100% scalable. We will accommodate your fitness level, from couch potato to professional athlete, as well as work with injuries and physical limitations.

Will I get big/ripped/bulky, or is CrossFit a bodybuilding regimen?

CrossFit is not a bodybuilding program. CrossFit training increases an athelete’s work capacity, and typically produces athletes with well defined musculature. Bodybuilding is focused on muscle volume first and strength second, and uses machines to focus on specific muscles at a specific angle. Bodybuilding is not concerned with increasing speed or power, requires little to no coordination, and is focused primarily on show. CrossFit uses functional movements performed at high intensity to increase power. We train in the gym for real life.

Do you take Drop-ins?

Yes! If you have at least several months of experience, you can come in to one of our scheduled classes. To see schedule classes scroll to the Classes tab then click on Schedule.

How much does it cost?

For a drop-in, the price of one single class is 20$.

Where are you located?

8142 E Brainerd Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421


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