Matt Riggs Testimonial

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Matt Riggs Has been a member of Mayday Athletics for about a year. We are pleased to have such great athletes at Mayday that have had such great success stories. Matt is our March athlete spotlight and we would like to share his story about how Mayday Athletics has helped him and his journey with us.


Matt Riggs 




What does Mayday Athletics mean to you?
This might be a little too deep for a testimonial but here’s my story. From 2012-2015 I would consider myself to have been an alcoholic and all around terrible person. For about a 3 year period I couldn’t string more than 2 sober days in a row…and I really dipped into some dark places. I gained a lot of weight and ballooned up to over 230 lbs. I was completely out of shape and all aspects of my life were on a downward spiral. I had my last drink on January 21 of 2015. It’s not to say that I made the decision on my own…my lifestyle had finally caught up with me and for the good of my family I had to make some serious changes. I am lucky for 2 reasons: 1) to be alive and 2) that I have a wife who is working to forgive.

So to answer the question of what Crossfit Mayday means to me is hard to put into words.  is so challenging and fun all at the same time. The comradery we build is amazing and I’m proud to be a part of the 6am crew. We go hard and still have a great time, always pushing each other. That’s what Mayday is all about, pushing yourself past where you though you could go. For me personally, every morning is a chance to be better than I was the day before…which for my overall personal recovery is something that I’m working to be. By starting out my day with probably the hardest thing I’ll do, I know that if I can survive that day’s WOD then there’s probably nothing the day can throw at me that I can’t beat. I’ve made Mayday a part of my healing and I can never begin to express how much I appreciate all the coaches and Maydayers!


What have you accomplished during your time at Mayday?
So far in my 10 months of coming to Mayday I’ve lost about 33lbs and gained more than I can tell you. My overall outlook on life is much more positive on days that I get to work out and it seems that the tougher the workout, the better I feel the rest of the day. There’s no feeling quite like seeing the WOD the night before and thinking to yourself, “there’s no way I can do that,” and then going in and finishing it. My goals are to increase my mobility, improve on all overhead movements and gain stamina.


What’s your favorite movement/Wod?
I’m partial to any WOD with pullups or heavy cleans and deadlifts. Although, muscle ups are at the top of my list as well because of how challenging they are.

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